Blogging Autumn Ideas

Image-ine Autumn - Photo Challenge

Go to Flickr website
Find 3 photos that represent AUTUMN in GERMANY.
To post the images to the blog:
a. Copy the URL of the image (PC right-click, MAC ctrl-click)
b. Return to the blog and click on the Image icon
c. Paste the image URL in the appropriate field.

Don't forget to LABEL your post: Blogging Autumn

When you have finished, respond to one of your classmates posts.

Listening to Autumn

1. Find a video about AUTUMN in GERMANY on YouTube, TeacherTube, GoogleVideo
2. Copy the embed code from the YouTube website (not the URL)
3. Place the cursor where you want the video to appear and click on the Edit Html tab above.
4. Paste the code.
5. Return to the Compose tab and
6. Write a brief description of why you chose this video


Talking Autumn

Find a passage in German about AUTUMN and recite.
Tell us what you love about AUTUMN or hate about AUTUMN.
Use the Hipcast phone-in or website.

Blogging Autumn - Resources

Find a website to share with the class that has content about AUTUMN in GERMANY .
Include the following in your post:

Author OR Sponsoring organization:
URL: (create a hot link here using the chain link button)
Descriptive info // why you chose this site.

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