Thursday, November 18, 2010


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Friday, November 5, 2010

Die Effekten sind cool!

Michigan: A Really Cold Place in Winter

Winter comes but once a year.  This is good, because it's cold.  It's also white, especially right after it snows.  After that, it's usually black.  Except for the trees, which are brown.  So that's winter in Michigan: black and brown.  Except for the shy, which is gray.  So: black, brown and gray.  And cold.  Really cold.
Nice Picture of the streets of Freiburg in early Winter


The chipmunks hibernate :(
Pints of stout to be consumed.
Willow trees
Icy cold
Nordic winds
Tyres (winter of course!)
Electric lights
Roaring fire

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In Zentraleuropa sind die Eichhörnchen rot!

Sie sind wie kleine Punker!
I imagine every season as its most ideal--the beginning month or so when the weather is novel and intense and exciting. This ideal manifests itself somewhat realistically until the season is left out on the counter, becoming stale, lukewarm, slushy, mealy. The first innocent warmth of spring becomes wet and damp; the loose, carefree days of summer become sweaty and tiring; the brisk, colorful days of September and October decay into barren shards of nature.

During December, during that first seemingly manufactured sparkling-mall-snow, even pieces of dog shit, frozen and glittering, seem magical. Rosy cheeks peek out of knitted wares. People give. People are refreshed. Large sheets of cheap plastic instantly become the best possible mode of transportation when traversing a hill.
And then February. My feet start feeling wet, cold, and itchy simply thinking about it.

Winter in Schwangau, Deutschland

Neuschwanstein im schön!!!!

Hohenschwangau im Winter

Alpsee im Winter
Spring is my favorite season, and winter is the reason. If the frost and freeze weren't as oppressive as they are, the onset of spring--which, in these northern lands, induces nothing short of a public euphoria--would entirely lack its impact, would cease to spread its exuberant energy throughout the still-thawing communities in such dire need of Vitamin D. Though I shouldn't sell Father Winter short: the deep freeze is accompanied by a uniquely peaceful quiet, as though the chill has muffled the commotion which would in any agreeable temperature be unavoidable. Winter is ideal for those prone to stoic contemplation. Also, winter has the best Olympics.

As deep as a shallow pond.

The relationship between winter and me is very cold. We usually don't talk much. It probably started in my childhood, when my mother wouldn't let me see winter without a guardian. She therefore always made sure that jacket was with me. Having a third wheel around always makes things awkward.

I hide in my house from winter most of the time, but sometimes we inevitably see one another. Thankfully, jacket is always nearby. Occasionally, I stupidly face winter without jacket. That's when I suffer the most.

Moral of the story: say "no" to bad puns. Also, eat breakfast.

Blogging Winter

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