Friday, November 6, 2009

Blogging Autumn

I love autumn. I actually prefer the term "fall"...idk it just sounds better. Autumn sounds so snooty, lol. I love the feel of fall, the changing colors on the trees...oranges, golds, reds, yellows; how the weather is not too hot or too cool...unless you're living in Michigan this year. I love Daylight Savings time. I love the extra hour of sleep that you're supposed to get and I love how its dark already at 530pm...don't ask :)


michelle said...

We just had a brief discussion in my linguistics lecture the other day about the differences in connotation between fall and autumn...funny that you bring it up.

I love fall too, especially the colors!

RHOse410 said...

Yikes, forgot I was supposed to write in German

Hartmut said...

OK, ich frage nicht :)